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Brief Introduction to Yulin University

YulinUniversityis a four-year university directly under the Shaanxi Provincial Government. It lies in the western suburbs of Yulin City, one of the famous ancient cities in China. Yulin, the most northerly city in Shaanxi Province, has been well known throughout history as a hotly contested strategic point. It was also a region in ancient China where many nationalities lived in close proximity to one another. This important historical position, both as a strategic point and a place where multiple national cultures met, enabled Yulin City to evolve a unique architectural style and cultural tradition. Because the layout of the original city—built during the Ming and Qing dynasties—still remains intact, and many precious ancient buildings, valuable historical relics and unique traditional arts have been well preserved, China’s State Council has listed Yulin City among the country’s Famous Historical and Cultural Cities。

Yulin not only has a long history but also is rich in natural resources. The proven deposits of coal, petroleum and natural gas in Yulin District are so large that the area is sometimes referred to as “China’s Kuwait”. As the seat ofthe State-level Base for Energy Resources and Heavy Chemical Industry as well as the State-level Demonstration Area of Ecological Agriculture, Yulin has attracted a great number of investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen, both at home and abroad. The local GDP continues to rise. Yulin University, as the only institution of higher learning in Yulin City, aims to ensure that its students become qualified individuals who can contribute to developing the local economy and improving their communities.

YulinUniversitycovers an area of 900 mu, with a building area of 373,000 m2. The teaching equipment is valued at 48.76 million RMB Yuan. The library is equipped with an integrated library management system, enabling the librarians to work efficiently. Altogether the library houses over 750,000 volumes, including 3,100 electronic books and 1,500 types of domestic and overseas periodicals. It is equipped with 1,200 computers and one electric reading room with 168 seats. The university campus LAN operates at 1000 Mbps. The University is known for its excellent management and environment, making it an ideal place of learning for both domestic and international students.

The University has 15 departments and schools, 31 specialties offering undergraduate programs and 18 specialties offering national diploma programs. There are approximately 12,000 registered students, of which 9,590 are full-time students and 2,000 are adult students. The staff totals 733, of which 559 belong to the faculty, including 150 professors and associate professors.Of the faculty, 200 teachers hold Ph.D. or M.A. degrees The University also employs 35 foreign experts and part-time professors.

YulinUniversity is actively engaged in international exchange programs and has built up strong ties with such international organizations as VSO and OTP in Britain and AFS in the US. It is a sister college to several colleges and universities in Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macaw and Taiwan. In cooperation with Japan’s DGC Agriculture Group, it has established the “Loess Plateau Ecological Culture Restoration Center”. It has also accepted 4.5 million JPY, donated by Japan’s Toyota Corporation, to be used in setting up a “Human Waste (Excrement) Treatment System” as well as a set of wind-driven generators, worth 2 million JPY, donated by Japan’s Wind-driven Generating Company.

YulinUniversity is one of the universities in China entitled to enroll overseas students. To carry out the Chinese language program, Yulin University has set up The Center for Teaching Chinese to International Students. The center is staffed with experienced teachers who work with international students in small classes using a variety of methods according to students’ background and needs. The center is also known for its excellent management and environment, making it an ideal place of learning for international students.

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