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Admission of International Students
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Why Study at Yulin University?

StudyingatYulin University has a lot of advantages compared with other Chinese universities.

These advantages include:

TheLowCostsand Fees

YulinUniversity is one of the cheapest universitiesin China forstudying theChinese language.Everyyear, living costs and tuition fees are getting higher for internationalstudents who hope to study in China,due to the country’srapid economic growth and the effectsofthenation’scurrent exchange policy.

Yulin district, however,haskeptliving costslowerthanmost of theother major cities. In addition,YulinUniversityhas kept the tuition fee for international students very low compared to other Chinese universities.

International students are required to pay just 8,000 RMB Yuan (less than 1,000 US Dollars) each year for tuition and 6,000 RMB Yuan (single room) or 3,600 RMB Yuan (double room) each year for lodging (food is not included).

Therefore, if youare looking for a way to reduce the cost of studying in China,YulinUniversityisan outstanding choice.

Highly Professional Teachers and Distinctive Courses

To facilitate the Chinese language program, Yulin University has set up The Center for Teaching Chinese to International Students. The center is staffed with patient, kind, helpful and experienced Chinese teachers who teach international students in small classes and tailor their methods to each student’s individual background and needs. The Center offers not only Chinese language courses but also a range of distinctive courses in Chinese arts and culture, such as Chinese Calligraphy, Erhu (a special Chinese musical instrument), and Taijiquan (a kind of traditional Chinese boxing). In addition, the center is always ready to meet the various needs of the international students in both academics and extracurricular activities.

Lessons in Small Groups

In order to maximize international students’ opportunities to communicate with their teachers in Chinese, international students’ classes at Yulin University are all held in small groups.

In2009,YulinUniversityhad7international students, who were divided into two separate classes according to their level of Chinese. Each class hadfewerthan5people. In the past, the maximum number of international studentsat the university each academic yearwas 12.This guarantees that you will be able to study in depth in a small class. The lessons we provide can easily be arranged to include your own interests and adapt to your current language skills.

In addition, foreign students are housed in one of the Chinese students’ dormitory buildings, which makes it easy to make friends with Chinese students. This contact with Chinese students is crucial to helping international students improve their spoken Chinese.

Desirable Learning and Living Environment

Public order is good in Yulin City. Both the local people and the college students are very friendly to foreigners, especially to international students. Therefore, international students will find a safe, comfortable, lively learning and living environment at Yulin University.

Communication withthe Locals

Yulin is a medium-sized Chinese city, rather than a major metropolis like Beijing or Shanghai. The area is also not a well-known travel destination. While foreigners do sometimes show up in Yulin, in general there are relatively few opportunities for the people of Yulin to communicate and interact with foreigners. Therefore the local people are very welcoming to foreigners and are eager to talk to them. International students have no trouble making friends as soon as they arrive in Yulin, therefore guaranteeing plenty of time to practice speaking Chinese.

Past inertnational students have said they were able to improve their Chinese more quickly here than students studying in bigger cities in China.

An UnderstandingofRuralAreasinChina

Despite China’s well-known rapid economic development, the majority of the country’s population is still made up of farmers. Therefore, it is impossible to fully understand the realities of China without learning about life in the countryside. Studying at Yulin University provides international students with an excellent opportunity to learn about agricultural life in China. Shaanbei, referring to northern Shaanxi Province where Yulin is located, is famous for its traditional agricultural culture. Have you ever seen a “Yaotong,” a traditional cave house structure commonly seen in the Yulin area?Can you believe that these traditional buildings and cultures are not only well preserved but also still developing day by day?

At Yulin University students caneasilyvisit traditional farm villagesduringthe weekend.It is also possible to spend several nights in these areas.For peoplewhowant to experiencelife on aChinese farm village,there is nobetterchoicethanYulin University.

You will be able to experience a differentChinese reality.

Practice of Environment Recovery Act

Thanks toChina’snational "Development oftheWest"program, as well as Yulin’s rich natural resources, this disctrict is one of the most rapidly developing areas in China.Countless new buildings and roadshave been built in the past few years.Yulin appears to havesuccessfully achieved the economic developmentthat was hoped forinthis area.However, itisalso true thatthenatural resources, water, coal,etc, arebeingrapidly consumed. As a result,Yulin has had to pay the price for natural resource development and a rapid improvement in living standard: environmental damage in the form of problems with desertification. In response to these problems, Yulin University has established a research Center called theResearch Center for the Recovery of Ecology and Culture in the Loess-plateau,to foster research into implementingsustainable developmentin thearea.Therefore, for those who are interested in environmental problems in China or environmental recovery globally, Yulin University is an excellent place to be.

Studying at YL University will also enable you to:

Take a Close Look at the Special Features of the Local Landscape

YulinCity, where Yulin University is located, lies between the Maowusu Desert and the Loess Plateau, and thus has a unique landscape and varied topography. Many international friends who visited Yulin have taken an interest in the special features of the local landscape.

Experience the Rich and Distinctive Local Culture

Much of Yulin’s traditional culture has survived to the present day. Traditional women’s paper-cutting, Xintianyou (Yulin folk songs), Shuoshu (telling stories by singing), Yangge (local dance) and waist-drum dance are unique to the area.

Tour the Ruins of the Great Wall, the Genghis Khan Mausoleum and Other Places of Interests

Listed among the Famous Historical and Cultural Cities by China’s State Council, Yulin has many places of interest, such as ancient city walls, ancient buildings, ancient streets, ancient towers, ancient houses, ancient beacon towers, ruins of the Great Wall, the Genghis Khan Mausoleum, the Red Stone Gorge, and the largest Taoist temple group in Northwestern China.

Learn the Stories of the Local Historical Figures

Yulin has been home to many of the great figures of Chinese history, including Diaochan, generally regarded as one of the four most beautiful women in ancient Chinese history; Yang Jiye, a famous general in the Northern Song Dynasty; Han Shizhong, an outstanding general in the Southern Song Dynasty; Li Zicheng, the great leader of the rebellious army that overthrew the Ming Dynasty; and Lu Yao, a nationwide-famous writer.

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