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Shaanxi Provincial Engineering and Technology Research Center for Shaanbei Cashmere Goats
Northern Shaanxi Culture Research Center
Regional Economy Research Institute
Photo Electricity Research Institute
Life Science Research Center
Northern Shaanxi Sheep-breeding Research Institute
Desert Plant Research Institute
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Photo Electricity Research Institute

The Photo Electricity Research Institute was set up by Yulin University in 2004 in order to meet the demands created by the development of the local economy. Its staff includes four professors—one of whom holds a Ph.D. in physics—and three associate professors. The Institute’s equipment includes a solar generating system (made in Japan), a photo receiver (made in Germany), a micro-current amplifier (made in Germany), a 473-nm semiconductor laser device, a 532-nm semiconductor laser device, an air-cushion precision vibration isolating platform, a function recorder LM20A-100, a spectrograph WPL, a laser hologram experimental bench GXZIIC-10, a Michelson interferometer BSM-200, a light-speed measuring instrument LM2000B, a sound/light effect experimental meter S0200, a single-crack diffraction meter LM99PC, an Abbe comparator 6W, and a laser carving device.The institute aims to build academic links with overseas and domestic institutions with similar interests.

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