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School of Chinese Literature

Chinese Education (a three-year national diploma program)

Objectives:to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to teach Chinese in junior middle schools as well as the ability to work in businesses and government organizations.

Courses offered:Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, An Introduction to Literature, Writing, Ancient Chinese Language, Modern Chinese Language, General Logic, Chinese Education in Middle Schools, Sociology, Office Automation, Basic Computer Knowledge.

Schoolof Political Scienceand Law

Legal Affairs (a three-year national diploma program)

Objectives:to train students to become specialists who are equipped with systematic specialized theories and basic professional skills, and who can hold positions related to law, including as judicial officers, public procurators, lawyers, and employees in judicial departments and public security bureaus.

Courses offered:Jurisprudence, Science of the Constitution, Civil Law, Legal Law, Economic Law, Administrative Law and Administrative Lawsuits, Commercial Law, Law on Labor and Social Security, Marital Law, Civil Lawsuits, Legal Lawsuits, International Law, International Judicature.

Schoolof EnergyEngineering

Electromechanical Integration Technology(a three-year national diploma program)

Objectives:Electromechanical integration technology is a new optimized branch of science and technology which is an integration of mechanics, electronics and computers on the basis of system control, as well as being a further development application of computer control in practice. This program is intended to train students to become specialized personnel equipped with the knowledge and techniques in mechanics, micro-electronics, information, testing and automatic controls.

Courses offered:Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Design Basics, Electrotechnics and Electronics, Principles and Application of Microcomputer, Control Techniques ofElectromechanical Equipment, PLC Techniques, Power and Electronic Techniques, Principles and System of Digital Control, Electromechanical Testing Techniques, Principles and System of Electromechanical Control, Digital Control Techniques, Mechanical Manufacture Technology, Metal Cutting Machine.

Thermal Energy Application Technology(a three-year national diploma program)

Objectives:This program is intended to train students to be able to design, install, test and operate thermal energy equipment and thermal energy transmitting network in urban areas, and to become specialized personnel equipped with knowledge in economy, management, humanities, environmental protection, etc.

Courses offered:Engineering Mechanics, Heat Transmission Science, Engineering Hydrodynamics, Gas Burning and Application, Gas Testing, Boilers and Their Supplements, Meter Testing and Automatic Control, Energy Management Automation, etc.

Schoolof Chemistryand Chemical Engineering

Petroleum Chemical Production Technology (a three-year national diploma program)

Objectives:To train students to be equipped with basic and professional knowledge and skills in the field of petroleum chemical production, and become professional personnel who are competent for analyzing and selecting petroleum processing and production technology.

Courses offered:Chemical Charting, Inorganic and Analyzing Chemistry, Principles of Chemical Industry, Analyzing Techniques in Chemical Industry, Chemical Meter and Automation, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Separation Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Survey of Petroleum Processing, Petroleum Chemical Technology, Petroleum Extraction Technology, Chemical Erosion and Protection, Analysis of Petroleum Components, etc.

Chemical Equipment Maintenance(a three-year national diploma program)

Objectives:To enable students to become highly qualified specialized technicians who are morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically strong, who are equipped with innovative spirit and practical skills, and who are provided with basic knowledge and professional skills needed in chemical equipment maintenance.

Courses offered:Chemical Drawing, Engineering Mechanics, Principles of Chemical Industry, Chemical Vessels and Equipment, Chemical Machinery, Chemical Equipment, Chemical Machinery Breakdown Diagnosis, Metal Technology, Chemical Equipment Installation and Maintenance, Chemical Corrosion and Prevention, Chemical Process and Equipment.

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