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Five-year Higher Vocational Education


Mine Ventilation and Safety

Objectives: The program is intended to equip the students with the theory of Mine Ventilation and Safety and train them to be high-qualified tecchnicians with the ability of Mine Safety Management.

Courses offered: Engineering Drafting, Engineering Mechanics, Hydrodynamics, Mine Safety Technology, Coal Mine Geology, Mine Ventilation and Air Condition, Mining Method, and The Application of PLC Technology.

The Operation and Repair of Power Plant Equipment

Objectives: The programis intended to equip students with theories of power plant and power system, and train them to be high specialized personnel with strong occupation skills.

Courses offered: Engineering Mechanics, Machinery Foundation, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, High Voltage Technology, Pump and Fan Operation, Unit Opreation, Thermal Process Automation Operation, and Motor Repair Operation.

The Application Of Chemical Technology

Objectives: The program is intended to let students master the production principles of chemical products and the production process, thus enabling them to engage in production, scientific design and management.

Courses offered: Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Drafting, Principles of Chemical Engineering, Natural Gas Processing and Processing Industry, Chemical Instrument and Automation, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, and Material Chemistry.

Power supply Technology

Objectives: The Program aims to train students to be high-quality technicians and equip them with the basic theories and skills of Electric Power Marketing and Power Supply Technology.

Courses offered: Circuit Measurement Technology, Motor and Electric Drive, High Voltage Technology and Electrical Safety, The Application of PLC Technology, Electric Power Marketing, Distribution Network and Substation Equipment, and Power Supply Technology.

Automotive Detection and Maintenance

Objectives: To promote an overall development in students and train them to be high-quality technicians with the capability to do automotive detection and maintenance who are equipped with theory of car repairing detection and practical skills.

Courses offered: Mechanical CAD, Technology of Mechanical Manufacture, Automotive Detection, Electronic Technology, Vehicle Engineering Materials, Automobile Structure, Automotive Electrical Equipment, Automobile Air Conditioner, and Vehicle Maintenance and Repair.

Applied Electronic Technology

Objectives: The program is intended to equip students with electronic knowledge and practical skills and it will cultivate a great amount of advanced applied technicians and talents who are able to manufacture and maintain the electronic equipments.

Courses offered: Analog Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, Automotive Detection Technology and Appliation, Electronic Measurement Technology, Television Technology, Power Electronic Circuit, Electronic CAD, and Electronic Knowledge and Welding.

Hotel Management

Objectives: To train all-around advanced and applied talents with knowledge of hotel management and service skills, enabling them to engage in Hotel Operation and Management and Reception Service.

Courses offerd: The Introduction to Tourism, Rules of Etiquette, Hotel Management, Hotel Services Psychology, Room Service and Management, Restaurant Service and Management, Hotel Accounting, Hotel Financial Management, Hotel Human Resoures Management, and Professional English.

Accounting and Auditing

Objectives: The program equips students with the knowledge and skills on Accounting and Auditing, and it aims to train highly qualified talents who can engage in accouting practice and internal auditing in enterprises and public institutions.

Courses offered: Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Introduction to Auditing Financial Management, Tax Accounting, Accounting and Auditing Regulations, Auditing Practice, Management Accounting ,Protfolio Investment, Accounting of Commerce Circulation Business, Accounting, and English.

Environment Monitoring and Management

Objectives: To enable students to become highly qualified and specialized technicians, who are equipped with basic knowledge and professional skills needed in water analysis and environmental protection equipment maintenance of the Environmental Engineering Technology Enterprises.

Courses offered: Identification of the Images and Graphics Pipeline, Engineering Drawing CAD, Engineering Surveying, Environmental Chemistry, Hydrodynamics, Environmental Microbiology, Quality Test of Water, Environmental Monitoring, Air Pollution Control Engineering, Water Pollution Control Engineering, Environmental Protection, and Euipment Design and Application.


Objectives: To train students to become qualified and advanced nursing talents who are equipped with basic nursing knowledge and theories, practical skills and the ability to conduct clinical work.

Courses offered: Regional Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Fundamental of Diagnosis, Nursing Technique, Nursing Science, Emergency Medicine, and Preventive Medicine.

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