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Department of Physical Education

Address: Yulin University, Yulin City 719000, Shaanxi, P. R. China

Telephone: +85-912-3525603 (dean’s office);

+85-912-3894343 (faculty’s office)

The PE Department has 31 staff members. Of these 28 are faculty, 6 of whom are associate professors, 9 of whom are lecturers and 2 of whom are assistant teachers. Among the faculty, 17 have obtained Masters degrees and 2 are doing postgraduate studies.

The department is sub-divided into The Teaching and Research Group for Non-PE Majors, The Teaching and Research Group for Track and Field Sports, The Teaching and Research Group for Ball Games, the Comprehensive Teaching and Research Group, The PE Office and The Physical Quality Testing Center. It has 1 multi-function temporary gym, 1 standard track and field facility (with a football field), 12 basketball courts, 4 volleyball courts, 2 tennis courts, 1 tennis court of sand, 2 volleyball courts of sand, 20 ping pong tables, 1 gymnasium and 1 body-building hall. The swimming pool and the standard gym, along with a PE lab, will soon be completed.

Programs offered

PE Education (a four-year BSc program)

Objectives:to train students to become specialized PE personnel who are equipped with basic knowledge and skills of PE and health education as well as modern educational concepts, and who are competent for work related to PE such as PE and health education in schools, organization of sports meets, training of athletes, PE research and PE management.

Courses offered:PE Theories, Sports Psychology, Sports and Health Protection, Track and Field Sports, Gymnastics, Ball Games, Wushu, Body-building Exercises, Biochemistry.

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