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School of ChineseLiterature

Address: Yulin University, Yulin City 719000, Shaanxi, P. R. China

Telephone: +85-912-3891137 (dean’s office);

+85-912-3689936 (faculty’s office)

The School of Chinese Literature is one of the oldest schools in Yulin University. It has more than 40 staff members, of whom 7 are professors, and 8 are associate professors. Of the faculty, 3 teachers have Ph.Ds. and 14 have obtained an MA. Currently the department has a student body of over 1,400, including 1,000 students participating in undergraduate programs.

The School offers such programs as Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism and Chinese Education. These programs focus on training future middle-school teachers, but at the same time, provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to seek careers in cultural education and news dissemination.

The School is sub-divided into the Chinese Language Teaching and Research Group, the Literature Teaching and Research Group, the Teaching and Research Group for Culture Dissemination, the Northern Shaanxi Culture Research Center and Putonghua (Mandarin) Teaching and Testing Center.

Programs offered

Chinese Language and Literature (a four-year BA program)

Objectives:This program is intended to equip students with comprehensive Chinese knowledge, systematic literary theories, high levels of artistic evaluation and strong abilities in spoken and written Chinese which are necessary for careers in teaching and other professions related to the Chinese language, such as teaching Chinese in senior middle schools and serving as clerks in Party and government organizations.

Courses offered:Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, Literary Theories, Writing, Aesthetics, An Introduction to Linguistics, Ancient Chinese Language, Modern Chinese Language, Formal Logic, Sociology, Administrative Management, Highlights of Traditional Chinese Culture.

Journalism (a four-year BA program)

Objectives:to train students to become highly specialized personnel who, upon graduation, are equipped with sound moral qualities, solid specialized knowledge, high levels of spoken and written Chinese, proficient interviewing and editing skills, and who are competent to do work related to journalism in media, government organizations and businesses.

Courses offered:News Interview and Writing, Newspaper Editing, Press Photography, Network Dissemination, Laws and Regulations on Press and Publication, Basics of Broadcast and Television Techniques, English, Computer Basics

Chinese Education (a three-year national diploma program)

Objectives:to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to teach Chinese in junior middle schools as well as the ability to work in businesses and government organizations.

Courses offered:Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, An Introduction to Literature, Writing, Ancient Chinese Language, Modern Chinese Language, General Logic, Chinese Education in Middle Schools, Sociology, Office Automation, Basic Computer Knowledge.

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