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School of Life Science

Address: Yulin University, Yulin City 719000, Shaanxi, P. R. China

Telephone: +85-912-3899636 (dean’s office);

+85-912-3891342 (faculty’s office)

The School of Life Science grew out of the former Departments of Agronomy and Animal Husbandry at the College of Agriculture and Forestry, which was set up in 1985. After it was merged with Yulin Teachers’ College in 1992, the College of Agriculture and Forestry was renamed Yulin College, and its two departments developed into the Departments of Botanical Science and Animal Science. The former began to offer a new program named Biology in 1999, which became an independent department in 2001. In 2003, Yulin College was upgraded to a university that can offer both BA/BSc degree programs and non degree programs. Accordingly, the three departments were integrated into one school, i.e., The School of Life Sciences.

The School has a staff of 62, among whom 45 are faculty. Of these, 6 are professors, and 16 are associate professors.

The School has five teaching and research sections. These are: Basic Courses, Biology, Botanical Science, Gardening and Animal Science. In addition, it has one lab center and one experimental farm.

Five research centers are affiliated with the School. They are: Plants-in-Desert-Area Research Institute, Sheep-raising Research Institute, Life Science Research Center, Shaanxi Province’s Engineering and Technology Research Center for Cashmere Goats in Northern Shaanxi, and Sino-Japan Research Center for Loess Plateau Ecological Culture Restoration.

The School offers four BSc degree programs (Biological Science,Plant Science and Technology, Animal Science, Landscape Architecture) and four non-degree national diploma programs (Biology Education, Plant Quarantine, Garden Technology, and Animal Epidemic Prevention and Quarantine).

Programs offered

Biological Science(a four-year BSc program)

Objectives:to train students to become qualified middle-school biology teachers equipped with basic biological knowledge and modern educational theories, and to enable them to become highly specialized personnel competent to study biology and develop biological techniques.

Courses offered:Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Plant Physiology, Animal Physiology, Human Body Dissection and Physiology, Biology Teaching Methodology.

Plant Science and Technology (a four-year BSc program)

Objectives:to train students to become highly qualified scientific and technical personnel who are equipped with the basic theories and knowledge in botany and other related disciplines, have a grasp of such basic theories, knowledge and skills as the law of plant growth, modern biological techniques, hereditary plant improvement, utilization of plant resources, plant production and control, processing of plant products and protection of plants and the ecological environment, and are able to engage themselves in the teaching of and research into plant science, as well as in designing, producing, developing, marketing and managing plant products.

Courses offered:Botany, Plant Physiology, Basic Biochemistry, Plant Ecology, Plant Chemistry, Genetics, Processing Technology of Plant Products, Plant Recourses, Plant Production, Plant Breeding, Biological Techniques, Green Food, Trade of Plant Products.

Animal Science (a four-year BSc program)

Objectives:to train students to become highly professional personnel who are equipped with the basic theories, knowledge and skills in zoology and other related disciplines, as well as the ability to acquire new knowledge and analyze and solve problems, and who are have the competence to teach and research into animal science as well as produce, develop, market and manage animal products.

Courses offered:Basic Biochemistry, Animal Body Dissection, Animal Tissue Culture and Embryology, Animal Physiology, General Genetics, Animal Breeding, Animal Nutrition, Animal Feed, Animal Breeding, Animal Production, Computer Application, Livestock Product Processing.

Landscape Architecture (a four-year BSc program)

Objectives:to train students to become highly professional personnel who are equipped with basic theories, knowledge and skills in ecology, plants and architecture in gardens and parks, and the planning, designing and engineering of gardens and parks, and who have the competence to breed, cultivate and tend garden plants and design and make plans for green land in gardens, to supervise landscaping, to produce nursery stock and flowers and to do other work related to gardening.

Courses offered:Drafting, Fine Arts, Botany, Soil Science, Botanical Physiology, Horticulture and Trees, Science of Plants and Flowers, Basic Design of Landscape Architecture, Cultivation of Plants in Gardens, Planning and Design of Gardens and Parks, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Engineering, Heredity and Breeding of Plants in Gardens, Conservancy of Plants in Gardens, Lawn Science.

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