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 Recruitment of Foreign Teachers  

English Teaching Opportunities at Yulin University Yulin City, Shaanxi, PRC

Summary Questions and Answers for Candidates

1. Questions regarding general facts about Yulin University:

a. Number of students?

b. Strongest and most highly-regarded majors of study available?

c. Most popular majors?

d. Future plans for growth – buildings, programs, students, and an indicator of that rate of growth?

e. Other facts or materials that can be emailed?

Answers:Please see “General Information of Yulin University”, as well as the web-site, that site does not immediately open, please use this site address for a Google search and when the Yulin University site listing comes up, please enter the site from there.)

2. Questions regarding job description:

a. When does the school year start and end, when must foreign teachers be in Yulin, and is there time off?

b. What is the type or nature of the classes or subjects to be taught?

c. How many classes per day/per week?

d. What is the maximum and average number of students per class?

e. Are there competitions or examinations available for students and faculty to strive to demonstrate excellence in English?

Answers:The academic year starts on September 1 and closes on July 20 or so. The teachers are expected to come three days prior to September 1. We have two semesters, with the first beginning on September 1 and ending on January 20 or so, and the second beginning at the end of February and ending on July 20 or so. As a result we have two long holidays in summer and winter. In addition, we have two 7-day holiday periods: May 1-7; Oct 1-7. These break times are an excellent opportunity for our teachers to further explore China.

The teachers will teach either Oral English, Written English, Teaching Methodology, or A Survey of Britain and America to English majors. Priority will be placed on teaching Oral English. Foreign teachers may be asked to teach more than one of the above-mentioned courses depending on their workload and the program’s need. Usually foreign teachers teach mainly oral English.

Foreign teachers teach about 14 hours each week from Monday to Friday, usually in the morning. The average size of a class is 35. English majors also have many activities to attend, such as: English Corner, Chat-room, speaking competitions, voluntary work and contributing toSandstorm, an English newspaper intended for students across campus. Foreign teachers are collectively responsible for editing theSandstormnewspaper, which comes out four times each academic year.

3. Questions regarding general support and teaching support:

a. How does the visa application work?

b. Will I have my own office space? How big? Will it be private?

c. Will someone be able to provide me with clerical assistance?

Answers:The candidate will email me their resume and fax me their graduation certificate or certification for the degree they have obtained as well as a copy of their passport, health certificate, and the last page of the contract copy with names signed. With these documents, I will apply for their work permit and file their visa application form. I will send the completed forms to the candidate. The candidate is then able to apply through their local Chinese embassy for a Z Visa. Driver’s licenses are not needed.

Regarding office space, we have a very spacious staff room. Foreign teachers share it with their Chinese colleagues before or after class sessions or during class breaks, but they are generally expected to prepare lessons and check students’ assignments in their apartment where it will be more convenient. Every apartment includes a study, a computer, and a printer.

The International Affairs Office supports our foreign teaching staff. From directing them to necessary on campus facilities, to helping them find things in Yulin City, to dispatching maintenance staff in the event of a problem in an apartment, we do all we can to support our foreign teachers and ensure that their time in Yulin is pleasant and comfortable.

4. Questions regarding finances:

a. Is roundtrip air fare provided?

b. Will I be provided with faculty housing?

c. How much spending money will I need per month?

d. Will I have to pay Chinese income tax and other taxes or fees?

Answers:total financial compensation, including roundtrip air fare and exact monthly salary are determined after interviewing the prospective teacher and prior to making a final decision about employment.

Generally, we offer 5000 RMB Yuan per month as salary (800 RMB Yuan is more than enough to survive comfortably in Yulin in one month). We will provide an apartment of comfortable size for each new teacher. The apartment is furnished with all necessary living and working equipment, including a telephone, internet, gas, bath, etc., for which the University will pay. Faculty housing apartments are all located on campus, but they vary slightly in terms of size and layout. Some are larger than others. Normally, housing is assigned on the basis of first come, first served. Teachers of the same gender may choose to share one house in which there are at least two bedrooms and one study room. Residents are not allowed to keep pets in the house or on campus. Teachers are required to abide by the school regulations, including asking the International Affairs Office for permission before organizing activities on campus. We ask that foreign teachers let us know their plans for weekends or holidays if they need to go travel outside of Yulin. This is so that we may support their safety at all times.

5. Question:What other information have you found to be important or helpful to prior candidates?

Answer:It is preferable if the candidate has a bachelors degree or higher. Also the contract requires foreign teachers to receive permission from the International Affairs Office before accepting work outside of the campus.

We want to say again how confident we are that prospective foreign teachers will enjoy their time teaching English and learning Chinese at Yulin University, and if there is ever anything I or my colleagues can reasonably do to support them, they can count on that.

Gao Jili

Director, International Affairs Office


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