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English Teaching Position
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English Teaching Opportunities at Yulin University

Yulin City, Shaanxi, PRC

Three to Four full time native English teachers are wanted every year. Contracts are for one academic year (eleven months) or longer, beginning in September.

We are looking for English speakers, preferably from English-speaking countries. No other qualifications are necessary, but it is preferable to have one or more of the following:

-Hold a university degree/be a current university student.

-Teaching certification.

-Previous teaching experience.

-Certification to teach English as a second language, such as ESL, EFL, TEFL, TESOL.

Also, applicants must be under 60 years of age and be in good health.

Job Responsibilities

Foreign teachers each are assigned teaching hours by the University. The average teaching hours for each foreign teacher will not exceed 14 hours per week. In addition, the foreign teachers collectively share in the responsibility of managing the Foreign Languages Department’s extracurricular activities, including Chat Room, English Corner, and the English language student newspaper. Also, foreign teachers serve as judges during the University’s English Speech Contest, and are occasionally asked to do other work as well.


l Contract Benefits

1. Monthly salary (after tax): 5000 RMB Yuan;

2. Accommodation: You are provided with a heated, rent-free apartment which includes at least one bedroom, study, living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc., and which is furnished with a wardrobe,a bookcase, a desk, a chair, a bed, a quilt and mattress, a pillow, curtains, shower, a TV set, free gas, water and electricity, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a microwave oven, cooking facilities, a direct-line telephone with international calling capabilities (Free local calls; Fees for long-distance phone calls NOT exceeding 40 RMB Yuan per month are also paid by the University.), a computer with free Internet access, and a printer.

3. Health and Medical Care: You are prov...

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