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Schoolof EnergyEngineering

Address: Yulin University, Yulin City 719000, Shaanxi, P. R. China

Telephone: +85-912-3880500 (dean’s office);

+85-912-3891372 (faculty’s office)

The School of Energy Engineering grew out of the former Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering. It was reestablished in 2008. Currently, the School offers such programs as Physics, Electrical Engineering & Automation, Mechanical Design and Manufacture & Automation, Measurement and Control Technology & Instrumentation, and Electromechanical Integration Technology.

The School is staffed with 50, among whom 5 are professors, and 6 are associate professors. Currently it has a student body of 1,600.

The School has three lab centers and one training base. They are The Lab Center for Basic Physics, The Lab Center for Modern Physics, The Lab Center for Electrics and Electronics and The Metalworking Training Base.

Programs offered

Electrical Engineering and Automation (a four-year BSc program)

Objectives:This program is intendedto train students to become highly qualified engineers, technicians and administrative personnel equipped with basic knowledge and skills in electrical engineering, adept at using computers, competent for research and product development, and able to engage in such technical work as engineering design, system operation, transformation, and distribution of electricity, research into and development of automation control machinery and electrical and electronic products.

Courses offered:Electric Circuit Theory, Basic Electronic Techniques, Electrical Machinery, Electric and Electronic Techniques, Signal System, Control Theory, Computers, and other compulsory and selective courses that meet the needs of the local factories and companies.

Physics (a four-year BSc program)

Objectives:This program is intended to equip students with basic theory in physics, basic skills in conducting experiments and the ability to engage in scientific research, and to ena...

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