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School of Political Scienceand Law

Address: Yulin University, Yulin City 719000, Shaanxi, P. R. China

Telephone: +85-912-3899961 (dean’s office);

+85-912-3893337 (faculty’s office)

The School of Political Science and Law was established in early 2009 by merging the former Department of Political Economy and History with the Department of Social Sciences. The School offers three BA degree programs (Ideological and Political Education,Historyand Law Science) and three non-degree three-year national diploma programs (Ideological and Political Education,History Education and Legal Affairs).

Of the 41 staff members, 32 belong to the faculty, of which 4 are professors, 9 are associate professors and 11 are lecturers. Currently it has a student body of over 1,000.

The Center for Regional Economic Research is attached to the School.

Programs offered

Ideological and Political Education (a four-year BA program)

Objectives:The program is intended to train future teachers of ideological and political education as well as administrative personnel equipped with modern educational ideas and systematic knowledge and theories in the field of ideology and politics.

Courses offered:Formal Logic, Principles of Marxist Philosophy, Selected Readings of Marx’s Classic Works, Sociology, Politics, Ethics, Law, Political Economics, Western Economics, International Economics, Economic Management, Administration.

History (a four-year BA program)

Objectives:The program is intended to train students to become qualified middle school teachers of history and to work in archives management or in social and cultural administration.

Courses offered:Ancient Chinese History, Modern Chinese History, Contemporary Chinese History, Ancient World History, Modern World History, Contemporary World History, Selected Historical Works, Archeology, An Introduction to the Science of History, History Teaching Methodology, Sociology, Public Relations, An Introduction to the Science of Law...

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