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Admission of International Students
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Why Study at Yulin University?

StudyingatYulin University has a lot of advantages compared with other Chinese universities.

These advantages include:

TheLowCostsand Fees

YulinUniversity is one of the cheapest universitiesin China forstudying theChinese language.Everyyear, living costs and tuition fees are getting higher for internationalstudents who hope to study in China,due to the country’srapid economic growth and the effectsofthenation’scurrent exchange policy.

Yulin district, however,haskeptliving costslowerthanmost of theother major cities. In addition,YulinUniversityhas kept the tuition fee for international students very low compared to other Chinese universities.

International students are required to pay just 8,000 RMB Yuan (less than 1,000 US Dollars) each year for tuition and 6,000 RMB Yuan (single room) or 3,600 RMB Yuan (double room) each year for lodging (food is not included).

Therefore, if youare looking for a way to reduce the cost of studying in China,YulinUniversityisan outstanding choice.

Highly Professional Teachers and Distinctive Courses

To facilitate the Chinese language program, Yulin University has set up The Center for Teaching Chinese to International Students. The center is staffed with patient, kind, helpful and experienced Chinese teachers who teach international students in small classes and tailor their methods to each student’s individual background and needs. The Center offers not only Chinese language courses but also a range of distinctive courses in Chinese arts and culture, such as Chinese Calligraphy, Erhu (a special Chinese musical instrument), and Taijiquan (a kind of traditional Chinese boxing). In addition, the center is always ready to meet the various needs of the international students in both academics and extracurricular activities.

Lessons in Small Groups

In order to maximize international students’ opportunities to communicate with their teachers in Chinese, international students’ classes at Yulin University...

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