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General Information of Yulin City
General Information of Yulin University
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General Information of Yulin City

Yulin City, located in the north of Shaanxi Province, P.R. China at 36o57'–35o.35'N and 107o.28'–111o.15'E, covers an area of 43,578 square kilometers and has jurisdiction over one district and eleven countries. The Yellow River, known as the mother river of the Chinese nation, runs along the eastern border of the district for 270 kilometers, and has nurtured the Yulin people throughout the area's 5,000-year history. A section of the Great Wall constructed during the Ming Dynasty extends for 700 kilometers in the region and has witnessed the historical blending of Loess Plateau culture with Mongolian Nomadic Culture. Yulin has been a hotly contested strategic point for centuries. Its importance as a strategic point and as a place where multiple national cultures came into contact enabled Yulin City to evolve a unique architectural style and cultural tradition.

The original city was built during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and the fact that the original layout remains intact means that many precious ancient buildings, valuable historical relics and unique traditional arts have been well preserved. Yulin City has been included on the list of China's Famous Historical and Cultural Cities by the country's State Council.

In the 1980s, Yulin once again attracted the attention of the world, following the discovery of unusually rich oil, coal, and mineral deposits. Up to now, 48 kinds of energy and mineral resources under 8 categories have been found to exist in this region. The proven coal reserve is 166 billion tons, and the expected reserve is 271.4 billion tons. The Shenmu-Fugu Coalfield is one of the world's seven largest coalfields. The proven natural gas reserve is 747.4 billion m3and its expected reserve is 5 trillion m3. The proven petroleum reserve is 0.3 billion tons, and its expected reserve is 0.6 billion tons. The proven lake salt reserve is 3.3 million tons, and its expected reserve is 60 million tons. The proven rock sa...

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